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About kliQads

kliQads is primarily an internet marketing platform for cool & clicky classified ads. It acts as a digital marketplace for advertisersprofessionals, contractors, consultants, freelancers, micro-entrepreneurs, small businesses, cooperatives, service providers, dealers, resellers — and their prospective customers & buyers.

Why Choose kliQads

Explore cool & clicky ads at your fingers tips. No spam, no scam.

kliQads aims to become a significant internet marketing platform for professionals, freelancers, micro and small businesses where they can easily tap the power of the web to expand their business horizon and reach, efficiently.

kliQads intends to be a relevant and reliable resource for deals, offers, promotions, products, services, digital goods, events, and opportunities that people can trust. We value clarity and authenticity of our content. No spams, no scams.

kliQads also provides helpful information through its blog covering a wide-range of interesting topics like technology, people, places, history, arts and culture, events, investment, entrepreneurship, and other information-rich posts.

Built for Micro-entrepreneurs

kliQads targets the undocumented micro-entrepreneurs to provide them an accessible means to tap the power of internet marketing for extending the reach of their products and services.



Micro-entrepreneurs (like retail stores, carinderias, ihaw-ihaw, hair salons, resellers, food delivery, professionals, contractors, service providers, cooperatives, freelancers and others) comprise a huge portion of our economy.


Support Systems

Most micros remain undocumented and they lack support systems from government and private sector to help them thrive. With limited funding, they can't effectively utilize technology in growing their business horizons.


Extended Reach

kliQads aims to provide micro-entrepreneurs an accessible means to tap the power of technology and internet marketing in order to extend the reach of their products & services and increase their bottomline accordingly.

Authentic Ads - No Spam, No Scam

kliQads is committed to provide clear, authentic and honest content marketing and promote good business protocols among its platform users


Good Business Protocols

Keeping kliQads as a good business practices platform is our top priority. All vague, convoluted, redundant, misleading, deceptive and fraudulent internet marketing contents shall not be tolerated. Violators will be subjected to suspension or even perpetual ban from the platform.


No Spam, No Scam

All platform users, both advertisers and prospect clients, are expected to observe courtesy and mutual respect among them. They are also considered as partners in keeping the integrity of the platform by reporting "spammy" or suspicious ad posts as well as rude behaviors.


Due Diligence

kliQads advises all its users to do due diligence when dealing with other parties in the platform. Every reasonable business person is expected to exercise extra care before entering into an agreement or contract with another party to avoid falling into a fraudulent deal.

Information-Rich Content

kliQads is not only an internet marketplace for business players but also a significant resource for valuable information aimed at empowering its users


Informative Blogs

On top of the internet marketing platform, kliQads also publishes information-rich blogs covering topics that would empower micro-entrepreneurs like science & technology, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, investments, accounting procedures and compliance.


Learning Never Stops

Blogs may also include human-interest features, learning opportunities, product trends & reviews, upcoming events, history, arts & culture, fashion, culinary tips & hacks, sports & hobbies, health & fitness, psychosocial awareness and more. Learning never stops and is always fun.


Relax and Unwind

kliQads blogs will also cover very nice & cozy places where people can relax and unwind... from mainstream tourist attractions to undiscovered island beauties and new destinations. Having a dream getaway with friends and family is simply priceless. Plan your next vacation now!